Governance & Compliance

St Arthur Homes is regulated by the Regulator of Social Housing as a Registered Provider, and we have adopted the Quoted Companies Alliance Code of Governance (Code).
This page contains key information about our governance framework and compliance with required regulatory standards and the Code.
Our Board

The Board is responsible for the strategic management of St Arthur Homes. It is committed to ensuring that we are well managed, financially stable, our tenants get quality accommodation, have choices, protection and can hold us to account. The members of our Board are:

Graham Woolfman

Non-Executive (Independent) Director and Board Chair

Nick Bull

Non-Executive (Investor) Director

Costa Ghioules

Executive Director and (Acting) CEO and CFO

Simon Devitt

Non-Executive (Independent) Director and Development Committee Chair

Rob McHugh

Non-Executive (Investor) Director

Greg Warner-Harris

Non-Executive (Independent) Director and Audit & Risk Committee Chair

Annual Reporting

Our annual reports provide information about our structure, how we are governed, governance framework, operational performance, financial position and our compliance the regulatory standards and our Code of Governance. Older financial statements can be found on the Companies House website.

Tenant Satisfaction

We are required to publish our tenant satisfaction measures. We are currently surveying our tenants in line with the new requirements introduced in April 2023. We will publish our results and actions plans here.

Development Expenditure

We are required to publish costs and expenditures over £500 for schemes funded through the Affordable Homes Programme. Our quarterly development expenditure returns are below: