Autumn in Full Flow with St Arthur Homes

on 9 November 2023

As the seasons change, so does the atmosphere in your St Arthur Home. When gold and red leaves begin to carpet the streets, it means autumn is here in full swing. This mellow season allows you to play with warm colour schemes and seasonal accents, creating an interior that’s cosy, inviting, and radiates the rich hues of fall.

#1. Welcome Warm Hues

The allure of autumn lies in its colours – deep reds, vibrant oranges, warm yellows, and earthy browns. Bring these into your décor and let the season’s palette inspire your home design. These hues can be introduced through wall colours, soft furnishings, or an accent wall adorned with autumnal wallpaper. 

There’s flexibility with St Arthur – our modern and neutrally styled homes perfectly provide a ‘blank canvas’ for your personal touches. Try incorporating caramel-hued throw pillows on your sofas, or a burgundy rug can instantly add warmth to your home, creating a cosy ambiance reminiscent of a serene autumn evening.

#2. Layer Up

Just as we layer our outfits to transition into colder months, the same concept applies to our homes. Layering throws and blankets not only brings warmth and comfort to your home, but also adds depth and texture to your spaces. Consider chunky knitted throws, plush area rugs, and velvet cushions that mimic the feeling of a comfortable autumn jumper.

#3. Let There be Light

The soft glow of a lamp in the early evening is synonymous with autumn as nights start getting longer. Warm lighting can set a relaxed tone for your entire home. Why not add table lamps to your space, perfect for setting up that cosy corner where you can curl up with a good book? A statement floor lamp in a corner additionally creates visual interest in your lounge.

#4. Creative Centrepieces

Your dining table and mantelpiece deserve an autumn makeover too. Consider creating centrepieces with seasonal elements – mini pumpkins, dried leaves, acorns, and pinecones. You could feature a bowl filled with decorative baubles in colours of copper, gold, and burnt orange, combining traditional autumn symbols with more modern décor elements, with stunning effect.

#5. Bring Nature in

An immediate way to make your home autumn-ready is to incorporate seasonal plants and flowers. Traditional autumn florals like chrysanthemums, dahlias, or even branches of vibrant red berries would work beautifully. Position them on windowsills or as table centrepieces within rustic themed vases, and you have a slice of autumn within your urban haven.

Whether to warm up your interiors or create a welcoming retreat from the dropping temperatures outside, adopting these autumn decor ideas allows you to celebrate the changing seasons. Let your home tell the story of autumn, a tale of warmth, comfort, and beautiful transformations.

Every St Arthur home is designed to be a harmonious balance of comfort and style, and with these autumnal decor tips, you are sure to have a home that is gorgeously attuned to the changing seasons.

So, here’s to embracing autumn in full flow – interspersed with hot chocolates, layered blankets and the seasonal warmth of St Arthur Homes. Happy decorating! Be sure to stay connected with our community on our Instagram, @wearestarthur, to keep up with the journeys of our homeowners and shared ownership experiences. Let’s make our St. Arthur Homes even more welcoming this autumn. Cheers to a heart-warming season.