Can You Have Pets in Shared Ownership?

on 26 July 2023

In the UK, the number of pet owners is on the rise, with millions of households sharing their lives with furry friends. However, one significant challenge faced by pet owners is finding suitable housing that accommodates their beloved companions. In this guide, we’ll explore the benefits shared ownership has for pet owners.


Shared Ownership and Pets

Renting a home with pets can be a daunting task for pet owners. Many landlords and letting agents impose restrictions and limitations that make it difficult to find a suitable accommodation. Some of the challenges faced by pet owners in the rental market include:

  • Limited Availability: A significant hurdle is the limited availability of pet-friendly rental properties. Landlords often have concerns about potential damage to the property or disturbances caused by pets, leading them to exclude pets altogether.
  • Higher rent: Whilst landlords in England cannot request a higher tenancy deposit for renting with a pet, they can charge you extra rent for having a pet.
  • Breed and Size Restrictions: Some landlords or letting agents may have specific breed or size restrictions, limiting the types of pets allowed. This can be particularly challenging for owners of larger dog breeds or “restricted” breeds.
  • Lack of Stability: Renting provides less stability and security for pet owners. The need to move frequently due to lease expirations or landlord decisions can be stressful for both the owners and their pets. This instability makes it difficult to provide a consistent home environment for pets.

Advantages of having pets in a shared ownership home

As one of the many pros of shared ownership, the shared ownership pet policy is flexible for pet owners. It presents a viable alternative for pet owners seeking homeownership while considering their pets’ needs that includes:

  • Greater Freedom and Flexibility: Shared Ownership provides pet owners with greater freedom and flexibility in terms of housing choices. They can select from a range of properties, including houses with gardens or apartments in pet-friendly locations. Newly built developments are often built in desirable locations that offer plenty of open space for dog walkers.
  • Permanence and Stability: Shared Ownership offers a sense of permanence and stability that renting cannot provide. As part-owners of the property, pet owners can establish a more settled home for themselves and their furry friends. This stability promotes the well-being and happiness of the pets, reducing the stress caused by frequent moves.
  • Investment and Equity: With Shared Ownership, pet owners have the opportunity to build equity in their home over time. As they gradually increase their share of the property, they can benefit from potential property value appreciation, providing long-term financial security for themselves and their pets.

Finding pet-friendly housing can be a challenge for pet owners, particularly in the rental market. However, the mission and values of our Shared Ownership scheme offers a viable alternative, providing greater freedom, stability, and long-term benefits for both pet owners and their furry companions. By considering Shared Ownership, pet owners can secure a permanent home for themselves and their pets, enjoying the advantages of homeownership while ensuring their pets’ well-being and happiness. 

It’s important to note that written permission is often required for keeping pets, and while Shared Ownership offers more flexibility, it’s essential to respect the rules and guidelines of the community and be mindful of other residents. This ensures a harmonious living environment for everyone involved.

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