Christmas decorating on a budget

on 7 December 2023
The holiday season is upon us and there’s no better way to embrace the Christmas spirit than with festive decor that reflects your personal style. We know all too well that decorating for Christmas can send budgets soaring. So, here’s a little holiday magic: top money-saving festive tips, featuring sustainable foraged materials for tree decorations, DIY advent calendars and Christmas lights. 

Foraged Materials for Tree Decorations

Strapped for cash? Your own back garden or local park could yield a bounty of decoration possibilities. An afternoon walk could be all you need to source pine cones, dried branches, holly berries, or even beautifully shaped leaves—all potential treasures for a Christmas wreath, or even extra decorations for the tree.

Using a bit of craft paint (you can even DIY paint from kitchen ingredients), add holiday hues like red, gold, green or silver to your pine cones. Wrap your dried branches with twine or ribbon and hang it on the tree or your front door as a rustic festive ornament. Holly berries can be threaded into a vibrant garland, adding a classic touch of Christmas to your home. This approach guarantees truly unique and eco-friendly decorations and creates an opportunity to spend time outdoors as a family or make a fun date out of it.

DIY your Christmas lights

New Christmas decorations can be expensive. This season, breathe new life into your old Christmas lights and give your home decor a personal touch. Do you have a set of those twinkly little lights gathering dust in storage? Now is the perfect chance to put them to good use.

A quick coat of gold or silver spray paint on the otherwise unnoticed wires can outshine even the most expensive decor. If you’re feeling crafty, wrap the wires in coloured twine. The colourful transformation gives an otherwise traditional decoration a modern, festive appearance that is certain to catch the eyes of your guests.

Handmade Advent Calendars

Advent calendars evoke fond childhood memories for many. Instead of buying a store-bought version, consider creating a personal, DIY advent calendar this year. You could use strong paper, small envelopes, or repurpose old boxes. Number them from one to 25 and fill each pouch with small treats—notes of gratitude, seeds to plant, cute pictures, or sweets. The joy will be in the daily discovery.

Reuse and Recycle

Don’t underestimate the power of what you already have. Old jam jars can be transformed into tea light holders, buttons can be glued together to make snowman ornaments, and books can be stacked and wrapped with twine to make a unique Christmas tree centrepiece. It’s all about seeing your possessions in a new light and repurposing them creatively.

Remember, it’s not the opulence of Christmas that makes it special – it’s the joyful moments and warm memories that the season creates. Crafting your decorations lets you infuse every corner of your home with love and personal meaning.

So as you decorate your home for the holidays, embrace the joy in the process – the planning, the creating, and the sharing. Discover beauty in unexpected places. Make new traditions. And most of all, remember that the warmest glow comes not from a string of lights, but from the love we share with others.

Happy decorating and Merry Christmas from all of us at St Arthur Homes!