How to Incorporate Houseplants into Your Décor – St Arthur Homes

on 9 January 2024
Houseplants can transform a space, adding vibrant colours that contrast almost any backdrop. For Houseplant Week, we’re exploring how you can incorporate plants into your décor to shed a little light during the dark winter months.

Transform Your Space with Houseplants

The beauty of houseplants extends beyond the aesthetic. They breathe life into any environment, infusing the air with oxygen, and even contribute to your wellbeing by reducing stress levels. But how do you place houseplants in your home in a way that complements your interior style and doesn’t feel like an overgrown jungle? We’ve got some tips for you.

Think in Levels

Don’t limit your plants to the floor. Suspended plants, hanging baskets, or green spaces on shelves can bring a fresh and unexpected dimension to your rooms. Consider trailing plants like ivy for high shelves or create a cosy reading nook with an overhanging Monstera.

Light-Dependent Selection

Remember, if you are going with real plants (and there are lots of reasons to), they need the right amount of sunshine and water. It is essential to match your plants to the amount of light each room in your home receives. Sansavieria, for instance, are perfect in corners, as they don’t require much light.

Go Big in the Right Spots

Large plants can bring a bold statement to your spaces but avoid making your room look too cluttered. Choose strategic spots like the empty corner by the window or next to the sofa for larger plants like a low-maintenance fiddle leaf fig tree. 

Air-Purifying Greens

In bedrooms, consider plants that purify the air. Spider plants, for example, are proven to remove toxins and add a touch of calm to your rooms. 

Low Maintenance Décor

If you’re a fan of low-maintenance décor, succulents and cacti are perfect. They come in a variety of eye-catching shapes and sizes, tapping into that minimalist vibe while still bringing colour into your home. Plus, they demand very little care.

Embracing the Pot

Don’t forget the power of the pot. Choose pots that match your interior style. These could be classic ceramics, sleek modern designs, or rustic wicker baskets. This way, your plants aren’t just guests; they’re part of the furniture!

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