Savvy Storage Solutions with St. Arthur Homes

on 12 September 2020

Smart storage has become a popular trend in recent years; with Instagram influencers across the UK creating a frenzy over clever hacks that are both creative, and budget-friendly; home-owners worldwide are trying their hand at the newest savvy storage saving techniques.

At St Arthur Homes, we offer a selection of stylish one and two-bedroom Shared Ownership homes at Chapel Riverside in Southampton. Set on the edge of the stunning River Itchen, each and every home has been thoughtfully designed to create an impressive sense of space; with open plan layouts, stylish built-in wardrobes, and generous closet space ensuring the respective properties are clutter-free. With this in mind, here are some tricks for keeping your new home in tip-top shape.

Multi-Functional Furniture

· Multi-functional furniture is a real-life saver for home owners who are on a modest budget. Consider investing in a stylish sofa bed, a foot stool that doubles as a storage box, an ottoman, or handy fold away furniture – such as tables and chairs. This will maximise the sense of space; as well as provide an adaptable layout when guests come to visit.

Don’t Cut Corners

· If you thought corners were dead space, think again. Corners and alcoves are the perfect spaces for houseplants, side tables and lamps. With working from home potentially becoming the ‘new normal’, a large enough corner or alcove could also double as a nifty desk space.

Shake it Up with Shelving

Never underestimate this handy DIY trick. Incorporating shelving into your home is quick and simple; and perfect for displaying books, DVD’s, plants, photo frames, and other miscellaneous items.

Tips and Tricks

  • Military folding method – This technique consists of folding clothes vertically rather than horizontally. This is a popular technique in the army; allowing you to fit multiple items of clothing into a compact space.
  • Stacking is key. Be sure to stack your crockery and Tupperware to free up space in your kitchen cupboards.
  • Drawers or boxes under the bed – This is perfect for stowing bedding, shoes, or your ‘winter wardrobe’ during the summer months.
  • Drinks Trolley – This piece of furniture grew in popularity during the 1970’s, but has made an unexpected comeback. Consider using a retro drinks trolley to store your unfinished bottles – be it alcoholic or non-alcoholic.
  • Shower caddies – No more kicking over empty shampoo bottles on the shower floor. Invest in a shower caddy to keep your bathroom spic and span.

Really Get Your Hooks In

Hooks could be the key to solving your smaller storage problems; and you don’t have to break the bank to install them into your home. Here are some ways you can use hooks and rods to save space:

  • Doors hooks – Door hooks will save your towels, coats or dressing gowns from hanging over chairs, sitting on beds, or lying carelessly on the floor.
  • Tension rods – Adding a tension rod to your kitchen cupboards is an efficient method of storing cleaning products or kitchen utensils that can be hung by their handles.
  • Jewellery hooks – A simple hook on the wall to hang your jewellery will free up space in your drawers, and ensure your necklaces don’t tangle.

Baskets, Bags and Boxes

Baskets, bags, and boxes are your saviour. Whether it’s for clothes, shoes, or bathroom commodities, using any of these receptacles is a visually appealing way of freeing up space in your home.

Visit our Chapel Riverside page to explore the selection of spacious, storage friendly Shared Ownership homes we have to offer.