Staircasing – how does it work?

on 5 June 2023
Shared Ownership has become an increasingly popular route to homeownership, offering buyers the opportunity to take their first steps onto the property ladder. Staircasing allows you to increase your shares in the Shared Ownership property over time.

Understanding staircasing:

‘Staircasing’ is the term used as it is like climbing stairs – you are buying more shares in steps, with the final step being 100% ownership.

When you initially buy a home through Shared Ownership, you purchase a share and pay subsidised rent on the remaining share owned by the housing provider. However, over time, as your circumstances change you may find you want to increase your share to lower rent payments.

The choice is always in your hands:

At St Arthur Homes, we understand that every individual’s homeownership journey is unique, that’s why we offer flexibility when it comes to staircasing. The decision of if, when and how much to staircase is entirely up to you. You have the freedom to choose the initial share you purchase, and whether you have the intention of fully owning the home or view it as a stepping stone towards a future property.

The benefits of staircasing:

Staircasing offers a range of benefits for Shared Ownership homeowners. Firstly, it allows you to increase your equity in the property, reducing the amount of rent paid to the housing provider. With each share purchased, your monthly outgoings decrease, providing greater financial control. Additionally, as you increase your ownership, you have the opportunity to access better mortgage deals, potentially reducing your interest rates and overall mortgage costs.

Real life example:

Let’s explore a real example of a St Arthur homeowner that achieved 100% ownership of their home.

First time buyers Michael and Jade not only managed to step onto the property ladder with Shared Ownership, but they also successfully staircased their way to 100% homeownership within five years of moving into their home.

Jade explains: “St. Arthur Homes were different to other Shared Ownership providers in that they offer starting shares at 50%, whereas others start from 25%. Our main aim was to own 100% of our home within five years, by being able to purchase a higher share from the start was really appealing and meant we would be able to reach that goal – a lower share would have taken a longer time as the extra shares you purchase are in set increments. We are really pleased to have been able to achieve full ownership, this is a great investment for our future, and also means we aren’t paying rent anymore.”

If you’re looking to take a step towards homeownership, Shared Ownership homes can be a fantastic option. With St Arthur, you have a range of choices available in outer London, as well as the South and East of England. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or searching for an affordable housing solution, Shared Ownership offers a pathway to owning your dream home.

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Don’t let the dream of owning a home slip away. Take the first step today and discover the possibilities with Shared Ownership.