Stress Awareness Week – How to create a relaxing home environment

on 5 April 2023
As part of Stress Awareness Month, we are shedding light on some of the sensible and stylish choices you can make in your home to improve your stress levels and mental health. Because at the end of the day, we all deserve to return home to a relaxing environment after a stressful day!

Colour scheme

Creating a space which promotes calmness and relaxation comes down to more than just a comfy sofa and some inspirational quotes. The colour scheme you choose in your home makes a big difference. Opting for neutral colour palette is often the go-to choice for those wanting to create a zen interior, but gone are the days of stress-reducing tones being linked with only whites, greys and beige. From aubergine and deep turquoise to lavender and blush, when you opt for a muted hue, it’s more than possible to de-stress and welcome calmness into a colourful home.


If you’re looking for a sign to bring more greenery into your home, this is it. The psychological benefits you can gain from indoor plants include an improved mood, reduced stress levels and increased productivity too. Houseplants also offer several physical benefits, such as reducing blood pressure and reducing fatigue and headaches by 20-25% according to RHS. But does the thought of keeping houseplants alive fill you with dread? Do not fear – there a number of low maintenance plants you can introduce to your home before reaching for anything artificial. Easy options include peace lillies, palms, sanseverieria (snake plant) and aloe vera.


Did you know the aromas you choose for your home can impact your mood and stress levels? Aromachology is the study of the influence of aromas on human behaviour, and by using memory association we can pair certain smells to different emotions. This behaviour is often linked with choosing a wedding scent or how a bar tender at your favourite cocktail bar rubs the rim of your glass with a particular fruit, evoking the memory of a positive experience each time you sniff the smell. Choosing a scent for your home can be just as powerful and with a wide range of diffuser oils and scented candles available, you can have fun testing different smells. However, for a quick win, these are some of our favourite fragrances for finding your inner calm: ylang ylang, sea breeze, lavender, lemon, grassy notes and rosemary. 


Feng-shui is an ancient Chinese practice used to improve the flow of energy in your home and a worthwhile consideration for any homeowner. Translated, feng-shui means wind-water and was originally used to guide the placement and setting out of spiritual spaces and tombs using the stars to establish direction. Today, its principles are used to influence the layout of homes and offices to create calming interiors to work, relax and play. Quick wins can be as simple as decluttering your home and making sure your entrance hall and porch way remains clean and tidy. This simple act can make a huge difference because the front door is considered the mouth of universal energy and the quality of the energy in this part of your home will determine the energy in the rest of your home. Keep this area clutter free so that positive energy coming into your life isn’t compromised!

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