The Shared Ownership Journeys That Turned Dreams into Reality

on 1 February 2024
Every homebuying story is a personal journey, with its own twists and turns. In honour of National Storytelling Week, we are celebrating the stories of Shared Ownership that turned dreams into reality!

Louisa Mulford shared, “Like everyone, the ideal would be to buy a property on the open market, but this just wouldn’t be something I would be able to afford… Initially I was a little resistant to the idea of Shared Ownership, so I decided to look into it more and soon realised it would be a great way to get on the ladder. I am very happy I made that choice to go ahead and would certainly recommend it to anyone who is struggling to buy a property and maybe thinks buying somewhere is out of reach or is unsure about Shared Ownership.”

@natl77‘s Shared Ownership journey took a decade to unfold: “I had personally looked at it several times over the last 10 years… My partner and I were considering schemes for first-time buyers…we reassured people we had purchased a property we have the option of buying 100% of, and a lot of people asked ‘isn’t it more than a full mortgage?’, when in fact now it’s cheaper due to current interest rates.”

@project56herewego was already aware of the advantages to Shared Ownership: “I’d previously owned shared ownership, with another company, but was aware of the cost benefits. If you can’t afford a ‘whole house’ just do it! It gets you on the property ladder, the only way is up.”

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